A Story Of A Culture Soon To Be Lost By The Rising Seas

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Matteo lived a simple and quiet life on the sea. He rode the waves up, and rode the waves down, surrounded by sea and surrounded by sky.

page 3

Matteo couldn’t imagine a better life. He would fish from his rocking chair, swim with the dolphins, and Matteo would skip rocks into the infinite blue horizon from his front porch. Yes, Matteo thought he had the best life in the whole world.

page 20

Around a fire, they sing, dance and pray. Matteo is so excited to have met these wonderful humans who have become his friends. But Matteo does not know about the big problem facing their land.

page 26

The leaders of the land explain, “The climate of our planet has changed. The sea is rising because the icebergs and glaciers in the world are melting. Our land is sinking because of the rising seas.”

"FREAKING Amazing!"

− Jane Finette

"It is delightful!"

− Hunter Lovins (TIME Magazine 'Hero of the Planet')

"Beautifully created!"

− Jean-Michel Cousteau (Ocean Explorer and Environmentalist)

"A great idea to engage young readers in an important climate change topic"

− Cathy Rodgers (Climate Change Activist)

"So, so cool!"

− Daniel Epstein (Entrepreneur of the World)